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Survey: Turkish consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

Turkey’s economic downturn is starting to affect consumers’ spending behavior.

In Turkey, consumers’ income and household finances have been affected by COVID-19. A majority of Turkish consumers are concerned about personal health, the economy, and the duration of the crisis. Both the observed effects and the uncertainty around the situation are manifesting as decreased spending across most categories. A spike in online spending on household essentials and entertainment is expected to continue, at least in the short term.

These exhibits are based on survey data collected in Turkey from April 7–9, 2020. Check back for regular updates on Turkish consumer sentiments, behaviors, income, spending, and expectations.

About the author(s)

Ilke Bigan and Cenk Erdogan are partners in McKinsey’s Istanbul office, where Can Ceran, Cemal Ozturk, and Eren Ungor are consultants, Gokmen Ciger is an expert associate partner, and Togay Ozen is an associate partner.

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