Survey: APAC consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

Consumer optimism in APAC is highest in China, India, and Indonesia, where consumers continue to expect a quick recovery from the effects of COVID-19.

More than 50 percent of consumers in China, India, and Indonesia believe that the economy will rebound within two to three months, while consumers in Australia and Japan are still cautious about their future outlook. Short-term expectations on household finances appear to be improving in Japan, China, and Indonesia, and consumers in China expect routines to return to normal in less than one month. The intent to spend on discretionary categories over the next two weeks has increased across APAC countries. While e-commerce usage has expanded in all countries during COVID-19, consumers in Japan, India, and Indonesia expect to further increase online purchasing while China and Australia show early signs of returning to offline channels.

These exhibits are based on survey data collected in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, and Japan from September 4–30, 2020. Check back for regular updates on APAC consumer sentiments, behaviors, income, spending, and expectations.

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