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Westney Capital Analytics

Westney Capital Analytics is our preeminent cost-and-schedule forecasting solution for capital projects. Westney's robust analytics platform allows us to develop unbiased and independent perspectives on project performance by leveraging predictive analytics and benchmarking coupled with geospatial data, market intelligence, and deep project expertise.

McKinsey acquired Westney in 2019.

Client Impact

Optimizing data center schedule for contractor client

We identified the most optimal schedule sequencing and installation rates, reducing the overall project timeline by 20 percent.

Reducing CAPEX for a global chemical company

We assessed the competitive demand for craft and its impact on productivity, allowing the client to identify $500 million in CAPEX reduction opportunities via optimal market timing.

Improving scheduling for a refinery

We reviewed the current progress and trajectory impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and identified key drivers to reduce the refinery’s schedule duration by six months.

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