Iguazio is a leading AI and machine learning company based in Tel-Aviv. Recognized for helping enterprises deliver enterprise-wide analytics at scale, Iguazio’s advanced Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) pipeline enables clients to streamline and manage their AI—from the initial concept all the way to production—in a simplified and automated manner.

McKinsey acquired Iguazio in 2023

Client impact

Accelerating an AI deployment for a multinational chemicals company

To make our client’s machine learning vision become a reality, we used robust engineering, scaling, and MLOps automation capabilities to develop a solution that enabled a faster and easier deployment-to-production process. As a result, the client saw a 12-times acceleration of the data science process—going to 30 days from 12 months. The solution also enabled the continuous rollout of new AI services in a fraction of the time and effort it took before, enabling the client to continuously infuse the organization with cutting edge innovation.

Running real-time predictive maintenance for a data management company

To help predict and prevent equipment malfunction, we analyzed ten trillion data points per month from disparate data sources. As a result, the clients saw a 12-times acceleration in time to develop and deploy new AI services, a 50 percent reduction in operating costs, and 90 percent less code needed. Additionally, our work provided the client with insights and predictions for customers regarding their storage capacity and health, all based on real-time data.

Driving innovation for a South American airline

By leveraging the Iguazio platform, we built and deployed more than 40 AI products, including projects tackling fuel efficiency, CO2 emission reduction, and fraud prevention for the airline’s frequent flyer program, resulting in millions of dollars of savings and millions of dollars new revenue generated per use case.

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