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Expand your view of downstream market dynamics with regional refining-market perspectives and scenario-based outlooks on crude and product prices, margins, balances, and flows. Our integrated offerings uncover the key drivers and trends shaping downstream oil markets, and our in-depth global and regional outlooks and custom analysis provide you with the insights you need to make informed, forward-looking decisions in the downstream sector.

Our tools

Global Downstream Model 

The Global Downstream Model forecasts crude and product flows, refined-product supply and demand, and refining utilizations.

Refinery Reference Desk

Expand your understanding of the downstream sector with the Refinery Reference Desk, a comprehensive resource that explains industry terminology and concepts.


OilDesk provides scenario-based crude and product-price outlooks based on refining economics.

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Our research

Refining in the energy transition through 2040

– The size of the global refining industry varies dramatically across different energy transition scenarios by 2040. Assumptions on electric-vehicle penetration, policy commitments, and rationalization behavior are key drivers of the difference in outcomes.

Mobility Retail insights

What it will take to become a successful new mobility retailer

– Optimize the core mobility-retail business through digital, analytics, innovative convenience offerings, and capturing e-mobility opportunities.

What are the trends disrupting the fuel-retail industry?

– By 2030, the fuel value pool will only represent 59 percent of the total in developed markets, but it will still be more than 80 percent in most developing countries.

Why is the topic of new mobility retail important now?

– Mobility retail is an attractive business with a lot of adjacent value pools.

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Ethanol and corn markets: Impact from the E15 gasoline waiver

– Following an announcement by the White House several weeks earlier, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a waiver... on April 29 to allow the sale of E15 gasoline this summer.
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Natural-gas liquids on a roll

– The boom in US natural-gas liquids shows no sign of slowing. But producers and exporters should be aware of bottlenecks and price... disconnects in the logistics chain connecting supply and demand.

What shipowners, refiners, and traders should know about IMO 2020

– New global limits on sulfur content for marine fuels will have a significant impact on fuel markets. Our forecast for 2020 shows... the biggest challenge will be overcoming uncertainty.
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What’s fueling the global downstream market?

– Listen to the recording from our recent webinar: “Three factors fueling the global downstream market.”