Laying the groundwork for digital twins

What if you had a simulation of yourself, an avatar whom you could send into unknown or risky situations to gauge an outcome? You could send your avatar to that new street food stall to see if you can stomach it, or test “yourself” with a new workout regimen. If things are going OK, add some extra hot sauce, or another set of reps. Digital twin technology doesn’t exist for people (yet?). But some organizations are putting digital twins in place for their products, manufacturing facilities, and supply chains. What are they? In a recent episode of the McKinsey Talks Operations podcast, McKinsey partners Kimberly Borden and Anna Herlt explain exactly what digital twins are, as well as how they can add business value—reduced time to market, more efficient product design, and tremendous improvements in product quality. For more on this trending new technology, check out the insights below. And stay tuned for more insights on topics that will headline this year’s AWS re:Invent 2022 (#reInvent).

Digital twins: What could they do for your business?

Digital twins: From one twin to the enterprise metaverse

Digital twins: The foundation of the enterprise metaverse

Digital twins: How to build the first twin

Digital twins: Flying high, flexing fast

Digital twins: The art of the possible in product development and beyond

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