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Three generations of a Black family pose together and smile outside their home.

The state of Black residents: The relevance of place to racial equity and outcomes

Group of Black friends together on the some stairs of a home, having fun looking at a mobile phone.
Article - McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility
Mapping the road to prosperity and parity for Black and Latino residents across America
 Portrait of Cheryl Pegus with a welcoming smile and seated in a office chair and her head resting on her chin.
Interview - McKinsey Health Institute
The business of healthcare: ‘I’m always optimistic about what’s possible’
Woman using a smartphone against a vibrant blue sky backdrop, surrounded by vivid streaks of colorful light.
The impact of generative AI on Black communities
A signpost with arrow shaped signs of different colors pointing in different directions.
Examining philanthropic funding for racial equity across the United States

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Our 10 actions toward racial equity
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Reflections: Advance racial equity
Investing in Social Innovation and Economic Mobility

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Reducing Racial Wealth Gaps

Reducing Racial Wealth Gaps - And Why That Matters for Families and the Economy

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