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The financial technology (Fintech) space is growing exponentially. For financial institutions, the explosion of new technologies presents both risks and opportunities. We can help them cut through the noise.

Panorama FinTech helps executives stay on top of the newest technologies by providing reports about P2P lenders, robo-advisors, social investing technologies, and more, detailing their offering, how they’re distinct, and their potential impact.

Financial executives use our searchable database and expert-led workshops to understand how banking operations are changing, and which technologies will position them at the forefront of that evolution.


Panorama Overview

In this video, Miklos Dietz and Jay Datesh discuss how Panorama is helping banks, financial institutions, and private equity firms make better decisions around market sizing, fintech innovations, and more.

Panorama FinTech by the numbers


innovation covered


direct connections with Fintech players


local digital banking experts
covering every continent


Proprietary database

Our searchable database covers 6,000+ FinTech innovations across 8 dimensions of operations. We collect, curate, and synthesize public data about FinTech entrances and changes, and supplement it with case studies, banking whitepapers, trend reports, and more.

Understanding impact

Clients can examine the distribution of FinTechs across products and customer segments to determine the most active areas, and which segments are most at stake. By comparing a bank’s innovation plan against the landscape, executives can identify which innovations will have the greatest impact on their overall strategy.

Deep expertise

Our practice has completed >250 FinTech engagements over the past 2 years, creating a strong foundation for our insights. Our team of experts surfaces and interprets the most relevant information, and runs due diligence to ensure the data is accurate, timely, and valuable.

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