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At McKinsey, we have the best work and best team to help you grow and perform at your best—but don’t just take our word for it. Check out these inspiring tech stories from our people around the world.

Best Work - Data Engineering

“My experience here has been incredible. I’m working with a group of smart, highly skilled, passionate people who truly want to impact the lives of millions of people.”

-  Sangeetha, Data Engineer

Sangeetha values the exposure she gets from exploring technical tools like Python, Spark, and R, and enjoys solving problems with colleagues from different backgrounds and skillsets.

Best Work - Data Science

“All the work McKinsey does matters. I was on a team that helped launch a drug for people with an incurable disease. We made sure they had access to a drug that could save their lives.”

-   Josh, Data Science Alumni

Now, Josh is the vice president of consumer analytics for CVS Health. Hear how he used advanced analytics to help treat this rare condition while he was a McKinsey data scientist.

Best Work - Project Management

“Product managers want to have opinions and want to have input on what gets built next, and that definitely gets done here.”

-  Janice, Product Manager

Janice appreciates autonomy and the ability to be creative and entrepreneurial, and enjoys seeing the impact of her work when organizations around the world adopt the products she builds.

Blog stories

People-first design

– Jennifer, a partner in New York, led global teams at Apple, IBM, and Facebook. Now she heads McKinsey’s experience design team, where she integrates top business and data practices with forward-thinking, customer-led, transformational design.

Success through collaboration

– Ferit, a data scientist in Istanbul, solves challenging technical problems in a fast-paced environment with the support of his team.

Finding my way with McKinsey

– Krzysztof enjoys the flexibility to explore different industries and role types as a data scientist in Warsaw.

A 360-degree assessment

– When Antonio, a data engineer in Sao Paulo, interviewed with McKinsey, he was tested on his skills in Python and SQL, as well as his non-technical abilities.

Pushing toward my best

– Software engineer Andre shares what brought him to McKinsey in São Paulo after a year living in South Korea.

Embracing the experience

– With the support of her mentors, Aseel finds purpose and grows as a leader as an experience designer in Dubai.

Taking the plunge

– Self-taught software engineer Paulina launches digital transformations in Southern California.

A culture of support

– Ninghang is driven by curiosity and problem-solving as a data scientist in Amsterdam. Read how he takes on challenges, like building and deploying new data science models, with the help of McKinsey’s global tech community.

Powerful data science across industries

– Chicago-based McKinsey data scientist Zamir finds satisfaction in his high-impact work across industries.

Using AI to help human trafficking survivors

– Keith, a data scientist in Washington, D.C., uses artificial intelligence to solve serious humanitarian issues with McKinsey’s Noble Intelligence team. 

From summer intern to McKinsey designer

– Ema met us at SXSWi, joined as a summer design intern and now is continuing her McKinsey journey as a full-time UX designer in New York.

My McKinsey journey as an agile coach

– Gurbrinder has taken advantage of McKinsey’s technical and leadership learnings in his path from engineer to agile coach in Gurugram, India.

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