Our People

Sebastian Sjöberg
Managing Partner and Senior PartnerStockholm
Advises principal investors and financial institutions on strategy, growth, organization, governance, and transactions, and is...
Johan Ahlberg
Senior PartnerStockholm
Passionate about helping companies realize efficiencies by implementing sustainable business practices throughout the value cycle...
Alexander Aptekman
Leads projects on IT and digital-strategy development, organizational design, and operations optimization for clients in a variety...
Pontus Averstad
Senior PartnerStockholm
Advises principal investors and financial institution on strategy, M&A, and value creation across the entire investment life...
Nico Berhausen
Serves industry leaders across the automotive, machinery, and consumer goods sectors on strategic product management, product...
Sara Bernow
Serves leading institutional investors, private-equity firms, and financial institutions on investment strategy, sustainable...
Stina Carlsson Reich
Reimagines customer experiences and uses digital as the catalyst to build the businesses of tomorrow
Neil Christie
Leads our RTS Practice and operational-transformation and financial-restructuring programmes in energy and materials across Europe,...
Fredrik Dahlqvist
Senior PartnerStockholm
Coleads our Private Equity & Principal Investors Practice globally, advises private equity companies, government holding corporations,...
Karsten Dalgaard
Senior PartnerStockholm
Advises Life Sciences companies on performance transformation, productivity, growth strategy, and commercial excellence
Per-Anders Enkvist
Advises companies on circular and low-carbon transformations and strategies
Robin Erdestam
Leads McKinsey’s Private Equity Practice in the Nordic region and advises investors along the investment lifecycle
Hannes Erntell
Senior PartnerStockholm
Advises companies primarily in the tech, telecom, and industrial sectors on themes related to growth, product development, operations,...
Markus Forsgren
Senior PartnerStockholm
Advises and serves primarily industrial clients across Europe, with a focus on growth and services business building.
Christer Gamm Gerdin
Serves clients in the global energy and materials sector on operations and transformational improvements
Mikael Hanicke
Senior PartnerGothenburg
Advises clients on transformational change across functions, operations strategy and implementation, digital, and advanced analytics...
Karl Holmström
Serves leading financial institutions and private equity firms on strategy, growth, due diligence, and transformational change...
Jonatan Janmark
Helping consumer companies grow through navigating the disruptions from technology and sustainability—both incumbents and the...
Axel Karlsson
Senior PartnerStockholm
Leads the Operations Practice in Europe and is a co-convener of the practice globally, drawing on his expertise in technology,...
Frédéric Lefort
Advises and serves clients in the consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and automotive sectors
Erik Lindecrantz
Supports retail and consumer-goods companies across Europe, Asia, and Africa on commercial topics and advanced analytics
Oskar Lingqvist
Senior PartnerStockholm
Supports participants in the Forest Products sector around the globe, helping refine and execute strategic initiatives, and improve...
Tobias Lundberg
Advises technology specialists, financial institutions, investors, and corporations on strategy, M&A, and value creation
Alessandro Mattozzi
Helps global industrial groups improve their products through value-centered design and cost-efficient operations
Tomas Nauclér
Senior PartnerStockholm
As global leader of McKinsey Sustainability, helps companies and governments develop strategies grounded on a fact-based understanding...
Mikael Robertson
Senior PartnerStockholm
Supports companies in industrial, electronics, and process industries to realize potential improvements in strategy, operations,...
Gardar Björnsson Rova
Leads QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey in the Nordics and focuses on technology transformations supported by data and artificial...
August Runge
Advises leading corporates and investors in the infrastructure ecosystem on strategy, M&A, and value creation
Erik Sjödin
Creates lasting transformations for leading companies across the construction value chain, with a focus on construction digitization...
Anders Suneson
Supports clients across industries in accelerating decarbonization toward net-zero

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