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Thomas London


Leads the Healthcare and Life Sciences Practices in France

Thomas works with a broad range of healthcare institutions in France and across Europe on improving their performance. Clients include state governments, healthcare regulators, public and private providers, payers, welfare operators, and biopharma, medical-device, and healthtech companies.

Thomas has tackled issues as diverse as healthcare-system-level strategies, regional organization of health-service provisions, and provider-performance improvement. He also supports clients in defining global strategies and optimizing their organizations.

Examples of Thomas’s recent client work include the following:

  • supporting many healthcare providers across Europe and the Middle East in their efforts to evolve their strategies and improve performance
  • designing many national healthcare policies
  • helping healthcare payers improve their healthcare risk management
  • supporting biopharma and medical-device companies in strategy-development and performance-improvement efforts

Thomas was part of the Action Publique 2022 committee appointed by the French prime minister, is a board member (and former president) of Healthcare Data Institute, and regularly contributes to Institut Montaigne on healthcare-related topics.

Published work

Health systems: Improving and sustaining quality through digital transformation,” McKinsey & Company, August 2016

“Reinvigorating industry in France,” McKinsey Global Institute, October 2006


Deputy director, customer service



Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MS, aeronautics and astronautics

École Centrale Paris
MS, engineering