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Patrick Neise


Advises energy & materials and pharmaceutical clients on operational productivity—helping to design and lead successful capital expenditure projects and improving operations effectiveness

Patrick focuses on changing both mindsets and processes within operations in order to achieve sustainable improvements in output and profitability. An expert in designing major manufacturing operations, he helps implement transformation programs that align priorities and increase value while reducing production costs. He also has considerable experience in optimizing large capital expenditure project.

Patrick first joined McKinsey in our Munich office, and has nine years of experience working with European, Latin American, and North American clients.

Examples of his work include:

  • transforming network productivity for a pharmaceutical company
  • leading a transformation program for a Latin American mining company that resulted in a 30 percent improvement in production output
  • providing long-term monitoring and support for mining clients making capital expenditure investments
  • overseeing the implementation of a lean construction project for a hydroelectric plant
  • planning the ramp-up of a manufacturing site in Latin America, including ensuring the optimization of operational design and capital expenditures
  • leading a transformation program for a large industrial manufacturer to reduce production costs by 15 percent, procurement costs by 10 percent, and engineering lead times by 30 percent

Before joining McKinsey, Patrick completed a PhD in production engineering and a Master’s of Science in mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich. During his doctoral studies Patrick was a visiting researcher at MIT and Stanford, and he also worked on projects exploring factory design and operational improvement. Patrick won the Shingo prize for manufacturing research in 2002.

Published work

How mining companies reach the operational excellence gold standard,” McKinsey & Company, August 2022

Tech-enabled asset productivity in chemicals and agriculture,” McKinsey & Company, September 2020

Patrick Neise, Managing Quality and Delivery Reliability of Suppliers by Using Incentives and Simulation Models, Herbert Utz Verlag GmbH, 2009


Technical University of Munich