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Mike Carson


Coleads Aberkyn, a McKinsey company, which works with leaders of global organizations to address one of the most significant challenges of transformations: changing leaders’ mindsets and behaviors to embrace new ways of working

Mike is a partner at McKinsey and one of the founders of Aberkyn. He focuses on helping leaders and their organizations transform, which he supports through facilitation, creating a safe space where leaders develop personal insights that transform their own lives and work. He does this for CEOs and executive committees of global organizations, for small thriving leadership teams, for new or underperforming teams, and for larger groups.

Mike also coaches senior leaders to support their own personal transformation and people leadership. Within Aberkyn, he is responsible for the growth of their global network of local hubs and for representing it inside the ecosystem of McKinsey capabilities.

Mike joined the Royal Navy after graduating with a BSc in mathematics at Manchester University. During his 12-year naval career as an operations officer he developed and studied leadership closely and was appointed deputy chief of staff in the UK maritime force. After gaining an MBA at INSEAD in 2000, he joined the UK office of McKinsey, working there for five years. He then established his own organizational behavior consulting firm, Artesian, before founding Aberkyn. Mike is a Licensed Lay Minister in the Church of England, is a trustee of Philo Trust, and is committed to the church in service of the community.

Mike is passionate about football and about leadership in this sport. He wrote a successful book on this topic: The Manager – Inside the Minds of Football’s Leaders (Bloomsbury, 2013). He lives in England with his wife and four children.


The Manager – Inside the Minds of Football’s Leaders, Bloomsbury, 2013



University of Manchester
BSc, mathematics