About Helena

Helena coleads the Prague office's Digital McKinsey Practice. Her primary focus is on digital-enabled transformations, including agile and advanced analytics in the telecommunication and banking industries.

Helena has been developing digital strategies and leading agile, advanced analytics, and commercial-excellence transformations across Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Examples of Helena‘s recent client work include the following:

  • leading agile-at-scale transformations for several banking clients, including defining target operating models, detailing chapter- and squad- level design of tribes and centers of excellence (CoE), and supporting launch and stabilization of wave 1 tribes
  • managing a cross-border agile transformation in the IT organization of a leading universal bank, including designing tribes and CoE and developing strategy to maximize engineering focus and expertise maturity of IT employees
  • designing advanced-analytics-enabled margin-management program for a high-tech distributor, including the launch of more than 10 use cases and the design of an analytics CoE
  • implementing an advanced-analytics-enabled churn management program for a universal bank
  • developing a digital strategy for a national payments scheme
  • leading multiple commercial-excellence transformations across the banking, telecommunications, and energy retail industries


Wharton University

Cambridge University
MA, management