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Gemma Corke


Leader in McKinsey’s Asia–Pacific region with experience in building future-fit organizations, frontline transformations, and workforce and education strategy

Gemma is passionate about helping organizations renew and transform, with a particular focus on the frontline.

She enjoys working alongside clients to cocreate programs by piloting and testing new ideas, building ownership, and helping them successfully scale and transform performance, capabilities, and workforce engagement.

Some examples of Gemma’s recent work include the following:

  • designing and implementing frontline workforce transformations within customer-facing organizations, including diagnosing pain points, underlying mindsets and behaviors to unlock performance, and working with the frontline and leaders to design and implement a set of interventions to strengthen performance and engagement
  • leading large-scale transformation programs in customer organizations, identifying and implementing revenue growth and customer experience initiatives, including new products, segmentation strategy, a pricing and margin management program, building new capabilities, such as sales, customer experience, and execution, and establishing transformation engine and performance dashboards
  • leading capability programs across private- and public-sector organizations, including designing the learning objectives and content, as well as the change management and roll-out plans
  • developing workforce strategies, including analyzing current labor market shortages, understanding existing workforce interventions, and designing the future strategy
  • developing the skills and education strategies for a state government agency, including understanding current and future workforce needs, supply of skills training across the ecosystem and addressing the gaps

Prior to joining McKinsey, Gemma worked in property investment banking and in an advisory business turning around organizations in distress.

Gemma is a lover of the outdoors, and on weekends, she spends time outside with her family, riding, hiking, and going to the beach.


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Melbourne Business School

The University of Melbourne
BS, property and construction