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What matters most? Five priorities for CEOs in the next normal

– How leaders can adapt to a very different future.

The autonomous plant: Entering a new digital era

– The requirements of the energy transition present significant industry challenges. Energy companies must embrace new technologies, transform management systems, and expand workforce capabilities.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

‘Great Attrition’ or ‘Great Attraction’? The choice is yours

– A record number of employees are quitting or thinking about doing so. Organizations that take the time to learn why—and act thoughtfully—will have an edge in attracting and retaining talent.



APIs: The secret ingredient for one company’s massive tech leap

– Emirates NBD’s Neeraj Makin and Saud Al Dhawyani discuss how APIs became central to their organization’s IT transformation.

Beyond financials: Helping small and medium-size enterprises thrive

– Small and medium-size enterprises are facing compounding challenges. Governments and other institutions worldwide are launching... programs to provide them the advisory support needed to meet the moment.

CIO perspectives on leading agile change

– As agility gains ground, CIOs from the banking and telecom industries came together to discuss challenges and lessons learned... from leading agile transformations.

Nurses and the Great Attrition

– A recent McKinsey survey found that more than 30 percent of nurses are thinking of leaving direct patient care. What can be done... to inspire them to stay?

Six practical actions for building the cloud talent you need

– Despite a shortage of cloud talent, top companies are finding ways to get past table stakes and build the capabilities needed.

Prioritizing customer experience in government

– The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the necessity to center customer experience in dealings with government agencies. This benefits... customers, government employees, and agencies’ reputations alike.

The CEO agenda in 2022: Harnessing the potential of growth jolts

– Despite uncertainties, the US economy is robust. The year ahead could jolt further growth.

The data-driven future of storytelling: MIT’s Deb Roy on the message and the medium

– The head of MIT’s Center for Constructive Communication talks about how data can help storytellers, what audiences of the... future might look like, and why artificial intelligence cannot replace human creativity.
Podcast - McKinsey Global Institute

Forward Thinking on the transformative role of intangible assets in companies and economies with Jonathan Haskel and Stian Westlake

– “William Blake talked about the dark Satanic mills, these inhuman pieces of tangible capital. Intangible capital is in some... ways about what makes us human. It’s about ideas, and it’s about relationships. It’s about expressiveness. Some people may ask whether we should we be making that the basis of the economy. But we would argue that this is actually making those things that matter to us as humans more central to our thriving.”

Redefining corporate functions to better support strategy and growth

– Striking the right balance between decentralized functions and centralized control starts with addressing the needs of business... units.

Tulsa’s innovative program supports remote workers and economic development through COVID-19 and beyond

– Tulsa Remote’s program to attract and support remote workers has become even more relevant during the pandemic and has big... ambitions for the future of work.
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