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Helps energy companies develop future-looking strategies that anticipate trends across fuels, industries, and regions

Ole leads our Global Energy Perspective team. In this role, he directs our efforts to understand the dynamics affecting future energy demand and creates forecasts across different fuels, industries, and regions.

In his advisory work, Ole works with leaders across the energy system as they seek to set new strategy and optimize company portfolios. He draws on extensive experience in gas marketing, contract arbitration, and renegotiation, while also addressing emerging opportunities in new energy segments. Working with clients in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, Ole helps shape strategies that balance supply security, cost, and decarbonization goals.

Examples of Ole’s recent client work include the following:

  • devising a long-term strategy and energy pool assessment for a global energy company, including a focus on hydrogen
  • designing a gas portfolio strategy for a leading European oil and gas company and developing an integrated negotiation and arbitration process
  • identifying a new energies strategy for a leading Asian industrial equipment manufacturer
  • developing a market perspective to help an oil and gas company anticipate gas prices across various European markets
  • conducting a strategic operating model review for an Asian international oil and gas upstream joint venture
  • developing a European regulatory strategy for a major international gas company

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Past Experience

Booz & Company


Ulm University
Diploma, finance and economics