Ideas with purpose (Ideas con propósito)

Welcome to our new video series [Ideas with purpose], where McKinsey colleagues discuss topics around entrepreneurship, networking, service, and sustainability through the lens of their personal experiences. In this first season, we learn how kitesurfing can teach us leadership skills, what it means to be a parent in a fast-paced and volatile world, and how to build more inclusive environments through creative ideas and giving back to our communities.

Meet Marina Cigarini, managing partner for McKinsey in Mexico

What characteristics make a good leader? Managing partner Marina Cigarini offers leadership tips she learned from taking kitesurfing lessons.

Featured episodes

High-level networking: Raise the impact of your relationships

What does it mean to network and how do you do it in a digital era? Here are some key takeaways from our reach and relevance sponsor partner Alberto Saracho.

How can we create a society with sustainable and inclusive growth?

Partner Rafael Scott shares his experience and passion for diversity, growth, and sustainability, sharing how he brings these concepts to life.

Women at work

Professional development manager Lorelen De Urioste brings her perspective about what it was like to have left McKinsey and come back, and talks about Women Matter Mexico, a report by McKinsey that she coauthored about the business ecosystem for women.

The start-up ecosystem in Mexico: Lessons Learned

Start-up activity has surged in Mexico. Associate partner Philip Haugwitz highlights key lessons from leading Fuel, a McKinsey company that’s dedicated to helping start-ups, investors, and innovators in the country. He also works closely with entrepreneurs at the start of their journeys. (in Spanish)

Navigating a constantly evolving environment

What is personalized marketing, how is it used today and how does McKinsey partner Miguel Suadi experience it as a father? He answers this question and addresses the importance of creating a stronger relationship with consumers.

The search for purpose at work

The idea of having a sense of direction, intention, and an understanding that your contribution is making a difference can be overwhelming. Senior accountant Jesús Castillo talks about his search for individual purpose and what it means to live it day to day.

Creating positive and lasting change in our communities

Knowledge specialist Laura Correa shares her experiences in service and sustainability, including her commitment to implementing sustainable vegan initiatives in corporate workplaces and having received a McKinsey INservice Award.