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Careers in the Middle East

How to Apply

During the interview process, you will learn more about our work and culture; it will give us the chance to learn more about you and your experiences.


The interview process

The first step towards a career at McKinsey Middle East is to submit your application through our global Careers site. Within 10 days, we will let you know whether you are invited to take the McKinsey problem-solving test. You may then be invited to interview with us.

An interview is an opportunity for you (and us) to find out whether McKinsey is the right choice. Through this process, you will get a detailed explanation of our values and the types of problems we solve.

In the first round, you will have two one-hour interviews with McKinsey consultants who will answer your questions, share their perspectives, and test your team skills and ability to solve problems based on case studies. These case studies are likely to be wide-ranging discussions that assess your approach to new situations, your problem-solving skills, your intellectual curiosity, and your insights.

During the interviews, you will have ample opportunity to ask questions about consulting and working at McKinsey. After the first round, we will determine if you will be invited for another round where you will speak with McKinsey partners. At the end of each round of interviews, you will receive feedback from the interviewers and information on next steps.

How to prepare

We recommend that candidates spend at least 20 hours preparing for the first interview. Our site has a number of comprehensive materials that include a practice test, video, and practice case studies.
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