The mission of our social sector, healthcare, and public entity practices is to help measurably improve lives, livelihoods, and health and create resilient communities around the world. For more than 70 years, McKinsey has worked alongside many of the world’s leading social, healthcare, and public sector organizations, enabling those who do so much good in the world to operate at the highest level. We are humbled to have the opportunity to support tackling some of the most pressing challenges of our time and are proud of the impact that our clients deliver.

Our mission is central to everything we do and informs every choice we make. The institutions and topics we engage with are determined by whether our partnership can improve lives, livelihoods, and health. We choose to invest in knowledge, research, and capabilities where we believe the most significant opportunities exist for such improvements. We approach each engagement holistically, conscious that our clients often make complex choices that have far-reaching consequences. We support leaders as they make decisions by providing salient insights and data, and we help them architect and implement the changes to their organization, operations, technology, and other capabilities necessary to deliver on their mission.

We are proud of our record of helping clients accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth for their organizations. In recent years, we have helped clients develop a long-term economic revitalization plan that added $30 billion in payroll, established a dedicated global energy platform that unlocked $925 million of funding to fight climate change, and worked with Nigeria’s Ministry of Health and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to design and deploy emergency operations centers that resulted in the eradication of polio in the country.

The people who join McKinsey bring with them wide-ranging experience and expertise as operations and management experts, economists, scientists, actuaries, physicians and nurses, veterans, teachers, senior administrators, program managers, and data analytics professionals. Many have walked in our clients’ shoes. The talented colleagues in our practice are driven by their desire to serve social, healthcare, and public sector clients and tackle societal challenges worldwide. We are also proud of the thousands of alumni who have gone on to lead major healthcare institutions, launch social enterprises, lead technology start-ups, or join the public service to make positive contributions locally, nationally, and globally.

By combining human talent and data and technology from our globally recognized capability centers, we work alongside our clients to develop proactive plans informed by cutting-edge insights and foresight. We build capabilities to help leaders achieve their goals, deliver organizational change, and achieve measurable results with diligent execution. We work in lockstep with our clients by utilizing an unparalleled depth and breadth of firm expertise across geographies, industries, and functional disciplines.

We bring our talent, capabilities, and experience together to help:

  • private and public healthcare leaders improve the affordability, accessibility, quality, and experience of healthcare
  • governments dramatically improve their capacity to deliver for people
  • donors, philanthropists, and multilateral institutions make their programs more efficient to achieve systems-level societal impact
  • education leaders improve student outcomes, increase access and affordability, and enable new academic research that advances society
  • global investors drive higher returns for beneficiaries through business model innovation and the capture of key investment opportunities

The issues our societies and economies face are various and complex and require extreme resilience to overcome and emerge stronger. We are excited to be part of the solution for so many social, healthcare, and public sector organizations. Driven by our mission, we will continue bringing our passion and capabilities to help these institutions achieve better outcomes for people—and the planet—today and in the future.

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