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Akira Shiratori


Helps clients with corporate-wide large-scale business transformation, as a leader of our RTS practice in Japan, by leveraging his deep experience working in a variety of retail industries including grocery, fast food, and sporting goods.

Akira is one of the leaders of RTS in Japan, where he has experience helping clients with large-scale business and corporate culture transformation.

Akira’s first stint with McKinsey, from 2004 to 2010, was spent serving clients from a wide range of retail industries in Japan, the Unites States, and China. One example of his work saw Akira leading a large-scale store operations transformation for a global grocery retailer, delivering significant productivity improvement and cost reduction.

Before coming back to McKinsey in 2017, Akira worked with multiple companies in the retail sector in Japan and Asia, including a United Kingdom-based discount retailer, a United States-based fast food restaurant, and a Japanese sporting goods retailer. He has experience in a wide range of roles, such as strategy, operations development, productivity, supply chain management, space planning, and merchandising. He has also led a corporate-wide transformation to turn around business in a shrinking market environment.

Akira is a native speaker of Japanese and is fluent in English.

Past experience

Corporate officer

McDonald’s Japan
Senior director, strategy and planning

Productivity director, Asia

Operations development director


Keio University 
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

Keio University
MS in Electrical Engineering

Keio University
BS in Electrical Engineering