State of Grocery Retail 2022 North America: Navigating the market headwinds

Over the past two years, grocery retailers have had to reassess and adapt nearly every facet of their operations. Changes to the grocery landscape will continue, shaped by both macroeconomic factors (such as supply chain challenges and inflation) and mercurial customer preferences. To keep pace, retailers should focus on a handful of trends: the rise of the value-conscious, healthier-eating consumer; elevated consumer expectations for omnichannel; an increased emphasis on sustainability; strategic workforce planning and investment in tech and analytics; and the growing importance of ecosystems and partnerships.

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The state of grocery in North America

– The emergence of new challenges will force grocery retailers to adapt their strategies and operations. Executives should focus on five priorities in 2022.

The next horizon for grocery e-commerce: Beyond the pandemic bump

– Consumers will increasingly shop for groceries online in the years ahead. Retailers must make a series of strategic investments to keep pace.

Tech-enabled grocery stores: Lower costs, better experience

– Grocers must reimagine physical stores to keep pace with consumer preferences. Technology will be a critical enabler in this shift.

Achieving profitable online grocery order fulfillment

– Investing in the right configuration of picking and handling as well as delivery capabilities holds the key to upending the current economics in online grocery.

Growing beyond groceries: The ecosystem expansion

– Grocers are in a unique position to expand beyond their core retail offerings. It can be challenging to build an ecosystem—but the rewards could be worth it.

Grocers’ sustainability opportunity in transforming the food system

– Now is the time for grocers to develop strategic sustainability transition plans focused on value creation and think more broadly about the role they can play in encouraging change across the full value chain.

Crisis or opportunity? How grocers can win the talent war

– Grocery retailers can’t find the people they want for the jobs they need. In a competitive labor market, evolving the talent model can provide an advantage

The state of grocery retail in Mexico

– The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed shopper behavior, forcing Mexican grocers to change their online commerce game. Can they create a lasting competitive advantage?

Pushing granular decisions through analytics

– The potential effect of advanced analytics on grocery retail is great, but retailers will need to seize the opportunity.