State of Grocery Retail 2022 Southeast Asia

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) represents one of the most exciting growth markets in the world for modern grocery retailers. Although existing consumer trends will serve as tailwinds, winners will stay ahead of the pack by transforming their strategy and operations. This report takes an in-depth look at these trends, offers new consumer insights, and highlights the successful moves of market leaders.



The state of grocery in Southeast Asia

– A series of emerging trends will put pressure on modern grocery retailers to adapt. Five “resets” hold the key to continued growth.

Crafting an omnichannel value proposition for the e-grocery revolution

– Shifting consumer attitudes have accelerated the trial and adoption of e-grocery, with implications for omnichannel strategy.

The changing face of grocery demand

– Consumers are increasingly seeking value, healthier products, and convenience. Retailers must be prepared to keep pace with these... evolving preferences.

ASEAN grocery: Balancing growth with profitability

– The race is on to capture market share amid fierce competition. Retailers need to reinvent themselves while retaining a focus... on sustainable growth.

How grocers could use sustainability to transform Asian food systems

– Grocers need to develop sustainability transition plans and think more broadly about the role they can play in encouraging change... across the full value chain.