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What we do

We generate value for our clients across all facets of their real estate. We work alongside them to build new capabilities, transform business models, convert disruption into opportunity, and create outsized growth while unlocking greater economic outcomes and societal returns for our communities.

Transform spaces to be fit-for-purpose

We collaborate with organizations across all industries to reimagine and transform real estate from a cost center to a competitive advantage by delivering spaces, technology, and experiences that unlock heightened productivity and delight employees and customers.
Example of transforming a client's space to be fit-for-purpose

A new flexible working model for a financial services firm

Collaborated with a major US financial services firm to design a new flexible working model in response to COVID-19. Engaging leaders across functions, including the full executive team, we transitioned the company from less than 20 percent of employees engaged in virtual working models to over 80 percent fully virtual or flexible. We reduced real estate costs by more than 60 percent, while moving the company’s organizational health into the top decile.

Lead through climate

We equip clients to incorporate climate into portfolio valuations, decarbonize the built environment, achieve new frontiers in green development, and create new sources of value for investors, tenants, and communities.
Example of achieving impact through climate

Sustainability for a leading financial institution

Unearthed material climate risks across a $40 billion portfolio that threatened 80 percent of profits and built an enduring capability for a client, including climate-driven advanced analytics for pricing and new offerings for counterparties to address climate risks in their properties.

Differentiate through digital and advanced analytics

We empower clients to transform their real estate organizations by digitizing the experience of the space and improving decision making through advanced analytics. In doing so, we create more efficient organizations, improve real estate outcomes, and unlock additional sources of revenue while building powerful digital ecosystems and data assets.
Example of reimagining the tenant experience

Digital transformation and new business building at RXR Realty

We helped RXR Realty, a North American real estate investor and developer, reimagine the tenant experience across its residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties. We established a lab of more than 25 data scientists, designers, engineers, and product managers, who worked together to develop digital capabilities that catalyzed the reinvention of the company, helping it emerge as a beacon of change for the industry. Through our partnership, the company has built proprietary digital capabilities which are unique in the real estate industry, which has enabled the organization to move with speed and agility.

Unlock demand in developments

We partner with clients to define, deliver, and fulfill the potential of marquee developments by generating momentum and creating organic demand. By helping clients achieve the mission of “placemakers,” we create ecosystems that outperform economically and shape more equitable and dynamic communities.
Example of helping a client unlock demand in a development

Repositioning of district-sized development in the United States

Generated $3 billion in asset value through repositioning a 15-million square foot development into a curated value proposition for anchor tenants, a proactive tenant attraction approach, new revenue streams through infrastructure, and exceptional experiences for how users of space want to engage in five years.
Example of achieving the mission of placemaker

Driving delight and visitor demand in an emerging tourist destination

Collaborated with a regional government to ideate and execute innovative experiences for 2 million target visitors. Using a design thinking led approach, we explored more than 500 new visitor experiences and executed 15 of them, detailed with market assessment, feasibility, financial model, and customer journeys of each target persona. We also supported the approval of an investment framework that enabled a $1 billion agreement with multiple leading hotel properties.

Drive value through operations

Competitive differentiation no longer hinges upon transactions alone; today, exceptionalism in operations is critical to outpace the competition. We embolden clients to create value through operational excellence with better models to serve, strengthened capabilities, and engines for sustained growth.
Example of creating value through operational excellence

Performance transformation of a retail platform

Delivered on a holistic transformation of a regional shopping mall real estate investment trust to capture 15 to 25 percent net-operating income uplift by pivoting the strategy, redesigning the organization, digitizing core processes, injecting data insights and analytics, and building cross-portfolio centers of excellence in sales operations, marketing, and procurement.