Customer Experience in the Public Sector

Government agencies that focus on strengthening customer service serve people better.
Build a case, build a following: Laying the groundwork to transform customer experience in government

Build a case, build a following: Laying the groundwork to transform customer experience in government

April 2018 – Transforming government agencies to serve people better relies on making a compelling business case and inspiring supporters willing to champion the change. Here’s how.

Understanding the customer experience with government

– Government agencies that are unclear on what matters most to their customers risk wasting time and resources on the things that don’t. Finding out is the first step.

Solving the customer-experience puzzle: A guidebook for government leaders

– It takes focus to transform public-sector agencies to serve a diverse set of customers better. A ready reference—based on lessons from government leaders—can help.

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Customer experience

A growing movement is under way among government leaders who have begun to champion customer experience as a powerful tool for achieving mission outcomes, increasing employee engagement, improving government revenue collections, and building overall trust in government.

Improving customer experience at federal agencies


How customer experience takes flight at the Orlando airport

Is it possible to have a good customer experience in an airport? Domingo Sanchez, a board member of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, explains an effort by the Authority’s CEO and board to do just that.

Making an impact

Executive Briefing - McKinsey Quarterly

The CEO guide to customer experience

– Companies that create exceptional customer experiences can set themselves apart from their competitors.

Improving the customer experience to achieve government-agency goals

– The benefits of a customer-centric strategy aren’t limited to private-sector businesses. Government agencies at every level can gain by putting the needs and wants of citizens first.

Avoiding the seven deadly sins of customer-experience transformations

– Efforts to improve the customer experience can deliver tremendous value, but temptations that can undo good intentions lurk in any change program. Resist seven common missteps.

Are you really listening to what your customers are saying?

– Too many companies squander the treasure that is customer feedback. The solution is systematically measuring the customer’s voice and integrating it into a culture of continuous feedback.

The expanding role of design in creating an end-to-end customer experience

– Lines between products, services, and user environments are blurring. The ability to craft an integrated customer experience will open enormous opportunities to build new businesses.

Four ways to shape customer-experience measurement for impact

– Too many companies are themselves unhappy customers when it comes to building measurement systems. Here’s how to make better investments.