McKinsey on Investing Issue 7
Issue 7, November 2021

McKinsey on Investing

The newest edition of McKinsey on Investing examines a year of tumultuous change and its implications for investors, businesses, sectors, and the world in which we live.

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Articles in this issue


The workplace will never be the same: Imperatives for real-estate owners and operators

– The cubicle farm has to go. Offices must be places of magic.

Women as the next growth market in US wealth management

– By 2030, American women are expected to control much of the $30 trillion in financial assets that baby boomers will possess, and younger affluent women will make more financial decisions than in the past. The financial services industry is wise to understand how female investors differ from men and how best to serve their needs.

Ron O’Hanley of State Street on corporate resilience and ESG

– The CEO of the US financial giant reflects on the lessons about managing environmental, social, and governance risks that the pandemic delivered to global business.

Highlights from McKinsey’s 2021 sector research

A collection of one-page, data-rich snapshots of dynamic themes within 14 industries.

A playbook for newly minted private equity portfolio-company CEOs

– Unprecedented private equity deal flow means more leaders than ever are stepping into the portfolio-company CEO role. Here’s guidance from the experts on the role’s unique challenges and demands.

Climbing the private-equity learning curve

– CEOs who are used to engaging with public-company boards need a different playbook when it comes to private-equity boards. Here’s what they can expect.

Winning at private-equity integrations

– Private-equity firms use add-ons to scale portfolio companies, but poor integrations impact results. Five practices can ensure that deals flourish.

What’s ahead for biotech: Another wave or low tide?

– Even in tough times, investor expectations and deal making in biotech are surging. Can the sector maintain its strong growth?

The insurance trends private-equity investors should understand in 2021

– The uncertainty that plagued the industry in 2020 is clearing. Here’s where performance is trending—and how private-equity investors can double down.

SaaS and the Rule of 40: Keys to the critical value creation metric

– Investors reward SaaS companies that hit this operating performance marker, yet a surprisingly small number have been able to do so. Here’s how more can follow their industry leaders’ example.



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