The State of Energy Organizations 2024

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People constructing building out of sustainable energy blocks. - illustration
People constructing building out of sustainable energy blocks. - illustration

Institutional and public interest is at an all-time high, driven by the ever increasing need for affordable, reliable, secure, and competitive energy. Against this backdrop, companies must navigate the task of maintaining a strong traditional core, while building businesses in the fast moving space of renewables, low carbon solutions, power, and retail. This challenge demands bold action and innovative solutions as the sector works toward a sustainable energy future that benefits the planet and supports the global economy. (see Energy organizations in transition)

Solving the energy quadrilemma may depend upon significant investment, technological advancements, and a favorable operating environment. Energy organizations and their leaders are at the heart of this journey. Being fast, agile, and efficient could stand organizations in good stead to face an environment characterized by scarce talent and possible M&A activity—in addition to the changes that generative AI (gen AI) could introduce to the workplace.

In this report, we build on our flagship cross industry State of Organizations research and take a closer look at the state of energy organizations. We identify and explore four key themes for energy companies to consider in the coming year: operating models, talent, leadership, and mergers and acquisitions.

The four key themes

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