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Global Energy Markets

Unparalleled insight into the energy transition

Recent years have brought significant structural shifts to energy-demand drivers. Challenges such as slowing global economic growth, stricter greenhouse-gas-emission targets, unpredictable oil-and-gas geopolitics, and numerous technological breakthroughs have threatened existing business models. In response, decision makers across a range of industries are compelled to rethink their investment strategy, manage risks, and capture growth opportunities. Our team of energy-demand experts and our suite of integrated models provide a unique perspective on the dynamic energy transition, including specific insights on the transport, industrial, buildings, and power sectors.

Our tools

Global Energy Demand Model

The Global Energy Demand Model is a bottom-up model projecting the evolution of energy systems by country (for 145 countries), by sector (for 28 sectors), and by fuel (for 55 energy types) to 2050.

GEP Power Model

The GEP Power Model captures key dynamics and tipping points at a local level to project the speed and disruptive nature of the energy transition from the perspective of power systems.

Our research

Global Energy Perspective 2019

The Global Energy Perspective Reference Case provides our consensus view on how energy demand will evolve to 2050.

Global Energy Perspective: Accelerated Transition

Our outlook reviews eight potential shifts that could accelerate the energy transition—from faster uptake of electric vehicles to accelerated cost reduction for renewables—and the impact each shift could have on annual oil, gas, coal, and power demand to 2050.

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The European electric bus market is charging ahead, but how will it develop?

– Widescale adoption of electric buses in Europe is near. There is still a lot of uncertainty around eBus battery charging strategies and the optimal type of charging hardware, mainly related to costs and operational flexibility.

Decarbonization of industrial sectors: The next frontier

– Though deep decarbonization is possible, it will require substantial investments and big changes to the energy system. Technological... breakthroughs, lower energy prices, changing consumer preferences, or new regulations will be critical to achieving this goal.

Five key questions clients ask about our energy demand outlook to 2050

– Our Global Energy Perspective summarizes our energy demand outlook to 2050. Based on client conversations we’ve had since... its release, we’re answering five key questions that give more insight into our forecast for the energy transition.

Metal mining constraints on the electric mobility horizon

– Cobalt, nickel, and lithium demand for electric vehicle batteries is expected to boom up to 2025 and beyond. Can additional supply,... recycling, and new battery technology development keep up with demand growth or will the adoption of electric vehicles be hampered by supply constraints?

What if the latest wind and solar auction results were the new reality of electricity prices?

– With ever lower auction results being reported, the question arises: what would the effect be on our power markets if the average... cost trajectory followed the auction results?

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