Partner, Munich

David Sprengel

Helps B2B and B2B2C companies achieve profitable growth through expertise in Go-to-Market strategies, sales effectiveness, sales-push programs, pricing, and growth strategies.
Director GM&S Practice Management, Dusseldorf

Julia Katharina Schmidt

Develops latest Go-to-Market insights in the GM&S practice, served clients from various industries before across Go-to-Market topics.
Fellow Senior Associate, Munich

Alexander Schult

Supports advanced industry clients in the transformation of Go-to-Market models and analytics-based pricing.
Partner, Munich

Isabel Huber

Leader of the McKinsey Sales & Channel Practice in EMEA, bringing cutting-edge insights to advanced industry clients.
Senior Associate, Frankfurt

Christopher Beisecker

Supports clients from advanced industries and electronics sector in their Go-to-Market transformations.
Junior Associate, Brussels

Jacopo Gibertini

Serves B2B companies in various sectors to develop their commercial team and Go-to-Market strategy.
Associate Partner, Hamburg

Frederic Rupprecht

Helps automotive and other industrial companies in sales growth and sales channel challenges globally.
Associate Partner, Frankfurt

Martina Yanni

Supports clients in various industries with focus on marketing and sales management and business and market planning.
Partner, Stockholm

Markus Forsgren

Advises and serves primarily industrial clients across Europe, with a focus on growth and services business building.
Partner, Paris

Jean-Charles Devignes

Supports clients on their growth challenges—from the design of their strategy to the implementation of their business transformations.
Partner, Düsseldorf

Dorothee Herring

Advises machinery and automotive companies as they set strategies for growth and pursue performance improvement.
Senior Partner, Frankfurt

Harald Bauer

Advises semiconductor and high-tech clients on matters of strategy, operations, and performance transformation.