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McKinsey on Healthcare: 2020 Year in Review

Amid enormous challenges facing every facet of the healthcare industry in a COVID-19 era, steps have been taken to mitigate the crisis and create positive change.

Part I

Resilience in healthcare: The COVID-19 challenge


Telehealth: A quarter-trillion-dollar post-COVID-19 reality?

– Strong continued uptake, favorable consumer perception, and tangible investment into this space are all contributing to the continued... growth of telehealth in 2021. New analysis indicates telehealth use has increased 38X from the pre-COVID-19 baseline.

Physician employment: The path forward in the COVID-19 era

– New financial pressures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic may increase physician practice acquisition and consolidation. However,... results from McKinsey physician surveys both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic suggest that these partnerships may benefit from an updated approach.

A holistic approach for the US behavioral health crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic

– COVID-19 creates additional challenges for healthcare leaders seeking to improve behavioral health while offering an opportunity... for meaningful change.

Insights on racial and ethnic health inequity in the context of COVID-19

– McKinsey’s Center for Societal Benefit through Healthcare shares insights on underlying health inequities that contribute... to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on communities of color and vulnerable populations.

From “wartime” to “peacetime”: Five stages for healthcare institutions in the battle against COVID-19

– Healthcare has found itself tested by the pandemic. The frontlines are delivering heroically, but the next normal for healthcare... will look nothing like the normal we leave behind.

Part II

Reimagining healthcare in a COVID-19 era


‘And now win the peace’: Ten lessons from history for the next normal

– We are not at the end of the COVID-19 crisis, and maybe not even at the end of the beginning. But it is not too soon to build... the strategies that will foster broad-based growth.

Reimagining the postpandemic economic future

– As the COVID-19 crisis continues to devastate US lives and livelihoods, policy makers are challenged to emerge from it in a way... that lays a foundation for a strong, healthy economy in the long run.

The great acceleration in healthcare: Six trends to heed

– Next generation care management, health for all, consolidated care delivery, and reform efforts are among the trends that may... shape healthcare in the years ahead.

When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?

– This article updates our perspectives on when the coronavirus pandemic will end to reflect the latest information on vaccine rollout,... variants of concern, and disease progression. Among high-income countries, cases caused by the Delta variant reversed the transition toward normalcy first in the United Kingdom, during June and July of 2021, and subsequently in the United States and elsewhere. Our own analysis supports the view of others that the Delta variant has effectively moved overall herd immunity out of reach in most countries for the time being. The United Kingdom’s experience nevertheless suggests that once a country has weathered a wave of Delta-driven cases, it may be able to resume the transition toward normalcy. Beyond that, a more realistic epidemiological endpoint might arrive not when herd immunity is achieved but when COVID-19 can be managed as an endemic disease. The biggest overall risk would likely then be the emergence of a significant new variant.

Part III

Partnerships, value-based care, and integration


The math of ACOs

– Several factors will shape the financial performance of physician- and hospital-led organizations under total cost of care payment... models.

The next wave of healthcare innovation: The evolution of ecosystems

– How healthcare stakeholders can win within evolving healthcare ecosystems.

Walking out of the hospital: The continued rise of ambulatory care and how to take advantage of it

– Ambulatory care is one of the fastest-growing and highest-margin segments of the healthcare industry. Analyzing variations in... Commercial claims data and doctor surveys shows that significant growth potential remains. While many health systems have benefited from investing ahead of this trend, significant opportunity remains to be captured.

Part IV

Special topics in healthcare


Consumer decision making in healthcare: The role of information transparency

– When armed with transparent information, consumers are likely to make different decisions. These decisions include choosing a... different provider, often considering reputation, quality, and costs.

Women in healthcare: Moving from the front lines to the top rung

– Our analysis shows women in healthcare have made progress and continue to report high job satisfaction. However, women also encounter... persistent obstacles to advancement, particularly for senior positions, where they remain underrepresented.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Prioritizing health: A prescription for prosperity

– Could 65 be the new 55? Each year, poor health takes a heavy societal and economic toll. Improving the health of the world’s population... would add 10 healthy years in midlife—and much more.

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