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Insurance General Account Survey

Benchmarking data tailored to asset mix, cost structure, and key organizational design decisions of investment managers

To improve business performance, general account investment managers need to answer a number of questions: How does our AUM mix compare across equity, FI, private placements, and alternative assets classes? How do our organizational design choices affect costs and staffing levels? How do our costs, asset-level and overall investment performance, headcount, and productivity compare to firms with a similar investment profile?

The Insurance General Account Survey helps answer these questions by benchmarking the cost structure, asset mix, and organizational design decisions of a firm’s general account.

Insurance General Account Survey
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Findings are delivered as detailed reports assessing performance by role and cost type across the front-, middle-, and back-office. Performance Lens experts meet with executives to review survey results, identify areas where the firm is trailing behind peers, and prioritize improvement initiatives that can deliver long-term growth.

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Why Insurance General Account Survey

Comprehensive benchmarks

Insurance General Account Survey has more than 2,000 tailored benchmarks for insurance general account managers on costs and full-time equivalents, productivity, pricing (internal and outsourced mandates), organizational design choices, and investment performance.

Relevant peer comparisons

The Insurance General Account Survey is the only survey providing executives with business and investment performance benchmarks against other insurers’ general accounts. Along with a detailed benchmarking report, participants receive follow-up discussions with McKinsey partners and experts to distill actionable insights.

Unrivaled data quality

We offer a robust and rigorous data-review process conducted by an expert benchmarking team with more than 25 years of experience to ensure consistent and comparable data across companies.

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