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Global Growth
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Global Growth Cube

Comprehensive market-sizing database of growth opportunities by geography, client segment, and product

Understanding market trends is critical for asset managers to make strategic decisions about which geographies and clients segments to target, and which products are needed to compete effectively in those markets. However, growth and revenue trends vary greatly across geography, client segment, and product, reflecting fundamental differences in market maturity, industry structure, and regulatory frameworks.

Global Growth
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Most used industry data sources lack the integrated and comprehensive view required to systematically uncover the right growth opportunities. Global Growth Cube dissects growth and revenue trends into 4,000+ micro-segments, enabling asset managers to pinpoint exactly those regions, client segments and products where they should focus.

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“The Global Growth Cube has given us an accurate picture of the drivers of growth which we use with our executives around the world to review and refine our strategic direction.”

– Head of Strategy, Global Asset Manager

Why Global Growth Cube

Unrivaled data quality

We consolidate hundreds of public and private data sources—including insights from McKinsey’s Global Asset Management Survey, local consulting expertise, and our global research network—to size assets under management (AUM), net flows, and asset management revenues. Our six “mini models” provide additional growth trend data in key market segments including the US retirement market, US and Europe retail distribution, multiasset “solutions,” and “smart beta.”

Expert forecasting

The Global Growth Cube incorporates bottom-up views on industry dynamics to shape 5-year AUM, net flow, and revenue forecasts by country, client segment, and asset class. Our quantitative predictions are built off a macroeconomic regression model and are refined and validated by McKinsey’s global network of country experts to incorporate structural shifts and industry dynamics.

Online access to insights

The Global Growth Cube web application provides easy access to historical and forecasted Global Growth Cube data, customizable heat-map charts, and our mini models. Asset managers can also host their own “mirror cube” data to compare their AUM, flow, and revenue data against the industry and generate automated reports on market share by geography, client segment, and product.

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