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GCI Analytics

Market Insights

Sizing the global payment and deposit industries—both retail and commercial—with expert precision.

Each model provides a comprehensive set of variables—including historical trends and 5-year forecasts—and is customizable to show a range of market scenarios and client needs.
Banks use GCI Analytics’ market insights to execute financial planning and forecasting, evaluate strategic investments in new business lines and products, and educate stakeholders on industry trends.

Payments Maps

GCI Analytics’ Payments Maps offer comprehensive data libraries for the payments industry. GCI Analytics offers three distinct Payments Maps models:

Global Payments Map

estimates domestic and cross-border payment transactions and revenues for major product lines across more than 40 individual countries.

US & Canadian Payments Maps

provide enhanced granularity, including cost visibility for the US and Canadian payment industries.

Cross-border Payments Map

offers a view of the overall international payment flows and revenue pools by country and by revenue type.
Our data libraries provide payments-strategy executives the insights needed for initiatives involving marketing sizing, strategic planning, business-case development, and opportunity analysis, all of which can be tailored to specific needs through customized segmentation and analysis. Use our Payments Maps insights to:

Create strategic plans for your payments-related businesses

by identifying new attractive areas of growth.

Inform financial planning, market share analyses, and business case development

by using expert-driven, highly-vetted industry figures and projections.

Educate key stakeholders within your institution

on detailed payments economics, transaction migration, and the latest trends impacting the industry.

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US Deposits Model

A bedrock of trusted insights for a deposits environment

The US Deposits Model forecasts account balances and profitability drivers for all major US deposits products. Our iterative approach integrates market data with proprietary research to build exceptionally reliable historical estimates and well-founded projections based upon economic, regulatory, competitive, and behavioral trends. Use our US Deposit Model insights to:

Shape your overall banking and deposit strategy

based on the latest trends impacting the rapidly changing deposit environment.

Highlight future risk areas and growth opportunities

from shifts in balance levels, rates, and profitability.

Compare your bank against industry economics

across all deposit products.

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TM Wallet Sizing Tool

An unrivaled view into the revenue of the US treasury management and commercial card market

GCI’s TM Wallet Sizing Tool drills down to the state level by industry type and size segment. Banks can now understand the full revenue potential for individual treasury management (TM) and card products in their specific footprint and targeted customer segments. Use our TM Wallet Sizing Tool insights to:

Identify granular pockets of growth

to expand your business, increase product cross-sell, and more.

Create trusted market share and opportunity analyses

specific to your bank’s geographic market and client base.

Compare your bank against industry economics

across all TM and commercial card products.

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Consumer Financial Life Survey

An ongoing quantitative survey of households’ financial products and their use of bank channels

The Consumer Financial Life Survey (CFLS) provides a comprehensive, highly quantitative view of US households' spending and banking, and motivations underlying those behaviors. Data from CFLS can be used for:


Compare online bank usage between households at one bank versus households at peer banks.

Market sizing

Size the opportunity of a new prepaid debit product by identifying customers who would use it.

Product segmentation

Segment a mortgage outstanding balances by FICO score.

Archetype creation

Discover a new cluster of customers that can be targeted with an ad campaign using statistical clustering techniques.

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Diagnose your bank's performance.


Leverage data to uncover business opportunities.