We use advanced analytics to discover opportunities and predict business outcomes beyond the capabilities of traditional statistical analysis.

By applying machine learning and sophisticated algorithms to our proprietary Portfolio Navigator database, our analytics engines provide granular pricing recommendations for treasury customers, highly accurate vendor-card acceptance lists, and more.
Our insights are delivered through flexible web-based visualization tools that can be tailored to specific roles and needs, increasing the ease of use and probability of capturing opportunities.

Treasury Services PriceOptimizer

A customizable pricing engine powered by machine learning models

Treasury Services PriceOptimizer provides client-level price recommendations, enabling banks to build a pricing strategy by relationship manager, client, segment, region, and more. Use our Treasury Services PriceOptimizer to:

View the distribution of opportunity

across all products so management can develop pricing strategy.

Accelerate price optimization actions

by enabling relationship managers to drilldown in seconds to client-level price targets.

Identify the high-priority client groups

with large opportunity when making pricing decisions.

Assist relationship managers

to build out and price the book of business for new treasury management clients.

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Commercial Card Supplier Match

Quickly and reliably identify card-accepting vendors

Our Commercial Card Supplier Match tool uses data and analytics to allow issuers to quickly and reliably identify which of a client’s supplier accepts commercial card. Our supplier match portal provides a customizable web-based interface to our powerful analytics engine. Use our Commercial Card Supplier Match to:

Develop customized, client-ready presentations

for selling new/optimizing existing card programs.

Track outcomes

of previous campaigns, allowing supplier enablement teams to conduct future campaigns more efficiently.

Enable “first alert” capabilities

for supplier enrollment teams to notify issuers of new card-accepting vendors and identify suppliers showing signs of attrition.

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Sales Realization Tool

Easily identify and track realization opportunities

Sales Realization Tool (SRT) uses proprietary algorithms to link sales data from a bank’s CRM to billed revenue enabling sales teams to easily identify and track realization opportunities. SRT can link to account analysis and commercial card processing platforms allowing for realization benefits to be seen across core treasury and card products. Use SRT to:

More accurately track and compensate sales team performance

by eliminating the guess work of “booked value” estimates.

Accelerate time to first revenue for new customers

and successfully ramp up customers to their full revenue potential.

Align incentives and save valuable resource time

by automating the sales audit process.

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