We deliver our benchmarks through Portfolio Navigator, our user-friendly tool that compares a bank’s performance against industry peers.

Our benchmarks, which cover core treasury management, commercial card, commercial lending, and deposit services lines of business, are unparalleled in terms of data quality and granularity. They integrate account analysis, card transaction, deposits and/or lending data to create comprehensive dashboards.
With Portfolio Navigator, users can easily drill down into key performance indicators and quickly identify granular opportunities by product service code, client size, industry, and geography. Banks can use the new insights to flag over- and under-performing segments, assess frontline sales performance, uncover product-penetration opportunities, identify attrition risks, and optimize product pricing across the portfolio.

Portfolio Navigator: Treasury Services Benchmarking

Leverage millions of account analysis data

to uncover granular revenue opportunities, assist with product strategy, and compare bank performance against peers.

Identify attractive clients

by segment, product, or sales officer, both in a bank’s existing portfolio and footprint, and in new markets.

Improve win rates

by providing deal-pricing guidance and better insights about market needs.

Identify (re)pricing opportunities

to boost revenue across the portfolio or customer-by-customer using reliable data about actual market pricing.

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Portfolio Navigator: Commercial Card Benchmarking

Transaction-level data

is used to identify profitability performance across key revenue and cost drivers for commercial card issuers.

Map your portfolio landscape

to understand who the most profitable customers are and what areas of opportunity exist in the program.

Assess overall rebate performance and inform pricing

for prospective clients without comparable peers in your portfolio.

Enable your account managers to identify clients

with spend opportunity and provide merchant-level data for actionable client conversations.

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Portfolio Navigator: Commercial Lending Benchmarking

Detailed performance diagnostics

of a bank’s commercial loan book, while also incorporating treasury services and commercial card data for a holistic view of the customer.

Evaluate your bank’s commercial lending performance

against peers via metrics like loan balances, net interest margin, line utilization, and fees.

Identify actionable loan opportunities

for your relationship managers and pricing opportunities by drilling down into risk tiers, verticals, size segments, and geographies.

Understand cross-line-of-business penetration

versus the industry and more accurately locate treasury, loan, and card opportunities based on a holistic view of the customer.

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Portfolio Navigator: Deposit Services Benchmarking

The insights banks need to develop appropriate liquidity strategies in a rapidly changing environment

Measure impact of Federal Reserve rate changes

on balances and rates paid across products, industry, revenue segment, and balance tiers.

Analyze how the response to rate changes affect the portfolio

in relation to other participants.

Optimize rate offering

by examining market trends across industry, revenue segments, balance tiers, and products.

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