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Middle: Break through to the next level of productivity

Digital supply chains enable top performers to speed up the information and product flow across the end-to-end value chain, taking human error and variability out of the equation—replacing it with speed, precision, reliability, and repeatability.

A fully digital “lights out” supply chain is soon becoming a reality

Early adopters are deriving significant value from digital solutions, big data advanced analytics, and physical and process automation. There is potential for end-to-end digitization, but the adoption still varies widely by player and by functional area within the supply chain. Leaders who are pursuing bold aspirations through rapid test-and-learn cycles will accelerate the automation and digitization journey.

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Deliver on time or pay the fine: Speed and precision as the new supply-chain drivers

– E-commerce giants have raised the supply-chain performance bar. Now consumer-goods manufacturers face a stark choice: achieve new levels of predictability and responsiveness, or pay a heavy price.

Digital transformation: Raising supply-chain performance to new levels

– Combining digital applications with operational changes helps yield significant performance improvements that stand the test of time.

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Are you ignoring the most important digital playing field?

– By neglecting digital supply chains and ecosystems, companies risk irrelevance.

Supply Chain 4.0 in consumer goods

– In Supply Chain 4.0, supply-chain management applies Industry 4.0 innovations—the Internet of Things, advanced robotics,... analytics, and big data—to jump-start performance, and customer satisfaction.

Digital innovation in consumer-goods manufacturing

– Consumer-goods companies have begun to capture value by applying digital tools to manufacturing. Here’s a look at how they’re... doing this today—and how they might do so tomorrow.

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Ops 4.0: Digital enablement, driving journeys from end to end

– Lean management’s end-to-end perspective revealed the power in remaking customer journeys. Adding digital and agile makes these... transformations easier, quicker, and more sustainable than ever—and at unprecedented scale.

Ops 4.0: Fueling the next 20 percent productivity rise with digital analytics

– Business needs to raise productivity more than ever. Thanks to innovations in digitization and analytics, four new methodologies... can yield the productivity breakthroughs organizations need.

Ops 4.0: Manufacturing’s future, made by people

– Digital manufacturing connects massive data pools, smarter machines, and innovative process technologies to help people be more... productive.

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