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Automation will fundamentally transform how companies operate. Using the latest technologies fundamentally reengineers manual processes and delivers a step change in performance and efficiency.

Companies need to start building capabilities today to drive Automation@Scale

50 percent of activities currently performed in a company can be automated with technology available today, and we believe an additional 15 percent will be automatable in the near future. Current technologies like robotic process automation represent the beginning, not the end. In the coming decades, cognitive automation will generate a wave of productivity on the scale of the steam engine and electricity.

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Long tail, big savings: Digital unlocks hidden value in procurement

– Until recently, many companies thought it was futile to try to extract savings from the low-volume purchases in “tail spend.” New technologies are changing the equation.

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Bots, algorithms, and the future of the finance function

– Automation and artificial intelligence are poised to reshape the finance function. Knowing what to automate and managing... the disruption can lead to a new era of productivity and performance.
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Using people analytics to drive business performance: A case study

– A quick-service restaurant chain with thousands of outlets around the world is using data to drive a successful turnaround, increase... customer satisfaction, and grow revenues.
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What does automation mean for G&A and the back office?

– A lot. By incorporating available technologies, redeploying employees, and reimagining processes, companies can dramatically increase... performance and greatly reduce costs.

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