Tech stack

Invest in a flexible tech stack to respond to and succeed in the new digital world

Building a successful core tech stack requires building the right capabilities, often requiring the right talent mix and having a finger on the pulse of potential disruptive technologies.

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Why you need a digital data architecture to build a sustainable digital business

– Companies that succeed at meeting their analytics objectives let business goals drive the technology. Here’s how they structure a data architecture that works.

Architecting your digital foundation

When building your tech stack consider eight best practices.

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What it really takes to capture the value of APIs

– APIs are the connective tissue in today’s ecosystems. For companies who know how to implement them, they can cut costs,... improve efficiency, and help the bottom line.

A smarter way to jump into data lakes

– An agile approach to data-lake development can help companies launch analytics programs quickly and establish a data-friendly... culture for the long term.

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