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We work with leading international machinery companies to make distinctive, lasting, and substantial performance improvements.

The machinery industry is quite diverse and fragmented, creating challenges for our clients. They typically operate in the lower-volume business-to-business market yet maintain a truly global footprint. As they target high-growth markets around the world, they are facing a new wave of competition from emerging-market countries, and they need agile business and operational models to manage the volatility in market demand.

In order to effectively serve our clients, we have built a committed group of experts focused purely on machinery topics in many different sectors. In addition to core areas such as machine tools, we also have expertise in other segments, including the following:

  • Food processing. Our expertise on recent industry developments, including the growth of emerging markets and shifting consumer preferences, allows us to provide solutions and tools that help companies maintain their recent momentum and satisfy growing demand.
  • Flow control. We assist providers of pumps, valves, compressors and other flow-control equipment in developing strategies to suit evolving demand patterns and ensure future success.
  • Packaging. This is another sector undergoing rapid change. We use our knowledge of trends reshaping the market to help packaging-equipment providers improve margins in an increasingly competitive landscape.

We understand the challenges faced by machinery clients, including small organizations and those in high-volume industries. We blend this industry perspective with time-tested business acumen to deliver superior results, fine-tune strategies, and uncover detailed customer insights. We also help companies deepen their core competencies in engineering and product design.

Examples of our work

  • We helped a global packaging-machinery company decrease total product cost by 20 percent by optimizing their product and installation processes.
  • We worked with a leading company that produced highly engineered and customized products to reduce project complexity, improving cost competitiveness and cutting development time by 30 percent.
  • We installed a “supply chain control tower” to create a fast and efficient supply chain as a competitive advantage in the elevator industry, helping a company to reduce work in progress by more than 50 percent.
  • We worked with a leading global machinery OEM to develop an aftermarket-and-parts growth strategy, covering both mature and developing markets.

Featured experts

Harald Bauer

Senior Partner, EMEA, Frankfurt

Albert Chang

Partner, Taipei

Dorothee Herring

Partner, Düsseldorf

Siddarth Madhav

Partner, Chicago

Thorsten Schleyer

Partner, Munich

Dr. Markus Simon

Partner, Cologne

Jannick Thomsen

Partner, New York

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