2020 Agenda & Track Overview

ESIC 2020 is organized around five “tracks,” or categories of innovation. Each one highlights new, tech-enabled thinking in areas critical to the health, safety, and success of society and the planet. Tracks are offered on different days, allowing attendees to join multiple conversations.

For each track, virtual events feature five to ten startup pitches with feedback sessions and panel discussions. We will also offer a daily review of event highlights. Detailed agenda and speaker names will be shared closer to the event.

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Dec 07 2020

Global kick-off: What does the Start-Up of the Future Look Like?

11:00 a.m. EST - 45 minutes
How do you spot a great start-up today? Has the pandemic changed the game, and if so who’s winning? Our opening panel of the ESIC conference will feature perspectives from investors and entrepreneurs on how the world has changed this year and what the next normal looks like for leading-edge innovators. The panel will set the stage for a week of deep-dives across our five conference tracks including fintech, sustainability, healthtech, biotech/medtech and femtech. Join us to kick off ESIC 2020.
Dec 07 2020

Biotech and medtech

12:00 p.m. EST - 2 hours
The biotech and medtech track focuses on startups that harness biomolecular processes to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet. With the impact of biotech and medtech expanding beyond the clinic, this track will focus on technologies and applications that range across industries. Topics include nucleic acid editing, cell therapy, gene therapy, vaccines, AI drug discovery platforms, medical devices, and manufacturing.
Dec 08 2020


11:00 a.m. EST – 2 hours
The fintech track covers the use of technology within financial services, from retail to small or medium-sized business to corporate and investment banking. It provides a platform to spotlight entrepreneurs focused on everything from mobile banking to payment apps, digital loan providers, risk management and trading systems, and cryptocurrency.
Dec 08 2020


1:30 p.m. EST – 2 hours
The femtech track features tech-enabled solutions to improve women’s health. With increased start-ups, VC funding, and public awareness, the rise of femtech is ushering in a new era of innovation in an area previously viewed as niche. This track highlights a diverse set of product types (e.g. smart devices, telemedicine, diagnostics, consumer products) that address a range of conditions that solely (e.g. contraception, maternal health, menopause), disproportionately, or differentially affect women.
Dec 09 2020


11:00 a.m. EST – 2 hours
The healthtech track includes a broad range of technologies designed to improve the delivery, payment methods, and overall experience of remote healthcare. This includes software and hardware aimed at healthcare companies, consumers of healthcare, and providers of healthcare-adjacent services. We consider how cutting-edge startups are grappling with both the opportunities and obstacles arising in this fast-paced market.
Dec 10 2020


11:00 a.m. EST – 2 hours

Companies are increasingly being evaluated on their social responsibility & ethical practices by society, governments, their own employees, and investors alike. As a result, environmental, social, governance (ESG) oriented investment has been rapidly growing. This track provides a platform for entrepreneurs who are developing innovations to solve ESG- or sustainability-related challenges.

In this context, start-ups applying to participate in the ESG/sustainability track may cover a wide range of solutions, such as:

  • Environment solutions which improve stewardship of nature and the natural environment. Example focus areas including energy management and GHG emissions, water and waste water management, land use and ecological impacts, and circularity of products and services.
  • Social solutions which have step-change impact on the ecosystem of people involved with a product or service. Examples include bringing a product or service to an underserved population, fair labor practices, data security, and product safety.
  • Governance solutions which, for example, improve organizational leadership and business ethical practices including transparency and diversity.
Dec 11 2020

Global closing: 5 Disruptive Themes for the Next Normal

11:00 a.m. EST - 30 minutes
Did you miss a panel this week? Come hear from leaders across our core tracks including Fintech, Sustainability and our Healthcare tracks for a recap of the hottest ideas they heard at ESIC 2020. We’ll discuss what we heard, learned, and what the future of start-up investments and acquisitions looks like heading into next year.

Detailed agenda can be found here. Speaker bios will be added closer to the event.