Europe and Eurasia

This World Economic Forum – McKinsey regional action group seeks to develop strategies to address short-term aspects of the crisis—and craft new principles for resilience in the medium to long term—with a focus on pan-European collaboration.


Mobilize action

Drive cross-regional and cross-industry action to tackle COVID-19’s effects

Improve coordination

Identify opportunities for stakeholders to cooperate across industries and regions

Provide advice and input

Maintain momentum on long-term priorities through ongoing projects in the region

Insights on Europe and Eurasia


How keeping health a priority is a prescription for European prosperity

– As Europe emerges from the pandemic, investing in health can not only save lives and build greater resilience but underpin economic growth and prosperity.

Insights on Europe and Eurasia


How the European Union could achieve net-zero emissions at net-zero cost

– The decarbonization pathways to a net-zero Europe are countless, but not all are cost optimal. We explore one pathway that could reduce the EU’s emissions 55 percent by 2030 while delivering broad economic benefits.
Discussion Paper - McKinsey Global Institute

The future of work in Europe

– Beyond COVID-19, automation, migration, and shrinking labor supply are shifting the geography of employment.

Navigating the post-COVID-19 era: A strategic framework for European recovery

– As Europe’s lockdowns begin to loosen, resources need to be directed with care.

Well-being in Europe: Addressing the high cost of COVID-19 on life satisfaction

– Recovery will depend on saving lives, sustaining livelihoods, and supporting quality of life.

Restoring public transit amid COVID-19: What European cities can learn from one another

– As cities end coronavirus lockdowns, public-transit authorities will need ways to increase ridership—safely. Early attempts in some European cities can offer lessons to those elsewhere in Europe.

Safeguarding Europe’s livelihoods: Mitigating the employment impact of COVID-19

– The COVID-19 pandemic has put tens of millions of jobs at risk. Examining the industries, occupations, and demographics most in peril can help decision makers shape targeted and rapid responses.

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