What makes Gen Z tick?

Gen Z, the generation of people born between 1996 and 2010, have come of age in the shadow of climate doom, pandemic lockdowns, and fears of economic collapse. This cohort is also known for its idealism—Gen Zers are part of a new wave of “inclusive consumers,” write Tamara Charm, André Dua, and Kelsey Robinson—and they have strong values related to racial justice and sustainability. We asked our Gen Z colleagues Owusu Agyeman and Elissa Bandler, two recent college graduates who have been working at McKinsey Global Publishing, to share the articles that have struck a chord with them. Check out their selections below, and explore our recent McKinsey Explainers article for a primer on this quickly growing segment of the population.


“This piece resonated with me because it offers critical insights on the difficulties faced by my generation, including a volatile socioeconomic landscape.”

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“As someone who grew up in a generation active on technology and social media, reading this helped me to understand the impact on my own mental health.”

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