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The latest findings from McKinsey Global Surveys

In the throes of the pandemic, executives are rethinking strategies and shifting priorities. They're also thinking about what's next: in our latest readout on global economic sentiment, executives say secondary effects like supply-chain disruptions are now looming larger as economic risks than the pandemic itself. Want to understand best practices, compare your companies’ ways of working and performance with a global benchmark, and make informed and effective decisions? Explore our special collection of McKinsey Global Surveys, featuring research on what matters in business, economics, and management. Contribute to the research by joining our panel of 33,000 global participants, or dive deeper on the topics that matter, including:

  • how finance leaders are helping their businesses adapt to changes in how work gets done
  • what business issues and challenges are top of mind for boards
  • the benefits of a programmatic approach to M&A
  • the imperative for a strategic approach to technology

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