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The future of sustainable air travel

As millions prepare to travel during the holiday season, the airline industry faces growing pressure to accelerate its sustainability efforts from environmentally minded passengers. While many organizations have committed to reaching net zero, obstacles stand in the way. By focusing on high-priority areas, travel companies can catalyze meaningful outcomes for the environment and gain a competitive advantage over peers, write senior partners Danielle Bozarth and Jules Seeley, and partner Vik Krishnan, in a report by McKinsey and Skift Research. Before you board your next flight, explore these insights to learn more about a greener future for air travel.

Accelerating the transition to net-zero travel

Opportunities for industry leaders as new travelers take to the skies

Scaling sustainable aviation fuel today for clean skies tomorrow

Five Fifty: Travel takes off

A devilish duality: How CEOs can square resilience with net-zero promises

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