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Meet the authors behind the books we can’t put down

When was the last time you read a good book—one that nourished your mind, soothed your soul, or sparked an innovative idea? As we approach #WorldBookDay on April 23, revisit interviews from our Author Talks series to discover your next source of inspiration, with wide-ranging conversations that touch on CEO-level issues, work-life balance, and more. And keep up to date with the latest on McKinsey on Books, where you'll find new interviews posted weekly, plus the latest rankings of best-selling business books in the US, prepared exclusively by NPD BookScan.

Author Talks: Denise Woods on the power of voice

Author Talks: Saadia Madsbjerg on making money moral

Author Talks: Joann S. Lublin on lessons for working mothers, their families, and their employers

Author Talks: Gregory B. Fairchild on the next frontier in racial equality

Author Talks: Nicolai Tillisch on how to frame ambition (and not let it frame you)

Author Talks: Deanna Mulligan on smart skill building

Author Talks: David Fubini on hidden truths for CEOs

Author Talks: Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini on ‘humanocracy’

Author Talks: Fred Dust on making conversations count

Author Talks: Poet Maggie Smith on loss, creativity, and change