Making better decisions

Who doesn't want to make better, faster decisions? Easier said than done, of course; McKinsey research shows that executives, on average, spend almost 40 percent of their time making decisions and believe most of that time is poorly used. Explore a new special collection on decision making for insight on how to do better, or dive deeper on with insights on:

  • Empowering employees to make smarter choices
  • Making decisions amid uncertainty
  • Setting up organizational enablers, like more effective meetings, to improve decision making
  • Eliminating "system noise" and addressing other sources of bias that color your decisions

For smarter decisions, empower your employees

Decision making in uncertain times

To unlock better decision making, plan better meetings

Good decisions don’t have to be slow ones

Three keys to faster, better decisions

Sounding the alarm on system noise

Bias busters: Don’t steer your strategy by the wrong star

Bias busters: Lifting your head from the sand