Looking back on 100 Author Talks interviews

Remember Tsedal Neeley’s prediction for the future of remote work? Or Indra Nooyi’s life lessons as the first woman of color and immigrant to run a Fortune 50 company? Maybe you took solace in Jennifer Moss’s advice for chronic burnout last winter. Since the first edition of Author Talks in December 2020, we’ve spoken with strategists, scientists, and executives about everything from workplace humor to the leadership traits people can learn from Navy SEALs. Check out the 100th edition of Author Talks, an interview with Bill George about his new book, and see the 10 most-read Author Talks interviews of all time below. For the latest from the series, bookmark the Author Talks page.

  1. What separates the best CEOs from the rest?
  2. Make anxiety your ally
  3. Tsedal Neeley on why remote work is here to stay—and how to get it right
  4. Attributes—not skills—determine whether you ‘cut it’ or not
  5. How to handle your work jerk
  6. Fred Dust on making conversations count
  7. Indra Nooyi on leadership, life, and crafting a better future
  8. Somebody tell a joke
  9. Lead like a girl
  10. Why burnout is an epidemic—and what to do about it

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