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How to tackle climate change

Today, world leaders are convening in Glasgow for COP26—the 26th UN Climate Change Conference—to commit to urgent global climate action and ensure a greener, more resilient future. Over the course of two weeks, McKinsey will host a series of panels to discuss what it takes to build a net-zero future, including navigating the transformation to a climate-neutral world, creating actionable road maps, understanding the role of finance, and more. Register now to join our daily live virtual events, and visit these insights on key agenda topics to understand:

  • the fundamental requirements to solve the net-zero equation, as well as the interdependencies between them
  • the areas of technology with considerable promise, and potential obstacles, along the path to scale
  • the opportunities that emerge for businesses to create value from the climate transition
  • methane’s impact on the climate, potential ways to reduce emissions, and steps that companies can take

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