How to mitigate the effects of inflation

Inflation hit a 40-year high last month, leaping 7 percent from the year prior. As households grapple with greater price hikes for groceries and other essentials, companies are contending with booming consumer demand and persistent supply-chain backlogs, keeping prices elevated. But how can companies determine that short-term price increases are fair? And how should they prepare to deal with the long-term consequences of inflationary markets? Explore these recent insights to get up to speed, and dive deeper on key topics, including:

  • how companies can rebuild their price-negotiation capabilities and their long-term resilience
  • three imperatives for CEOs aiming to step up amid a complex, uncertain, and rapidly evolving environment
  • six proven strategies to release cash from the balance sheet
  • why executives view mounting fallout on the supply chain and inflation as the biggest threats to growth in their countries’ economies

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