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Get in the game for International Games Week

Games: They’re not just for kids. Esports and videogaming are big businesses in their own right these days, and solving problems can be as satisfying as placing the last piece of an intricate puzzle. As #InternationalGamesWeek begins, we invite you to:

  • Up your skills when it comes to problem solving
  • Get up to speed on ways to use war gaming and scenario planning as strategic tools
  • Explore insights on the world of esports and gaming subscriptions
  • Try your hand at the McKinsey Crossword
  • Learn more about Solve, a problem-solving assessment, or take a quiz to see where you might fit at McKinsey

Problem solving

Six problem-solving mindsets for very uncertain times

How to master the seven-step problem-solving process

Strategy to beat the odds

Want better strategies? Become a bulletproof problem solver

War gaming and strategy

Bias busters: War games? Here’s what they’re good for

How CFOs can use war gaming to support strategic decisions

Gaming and esports

The Netflix of gaming? Why subscription video-game services face an uphill battle

Esports and the next frontier of brand sponsorships

The McKinsey Crossword

Ballot Boxes

Getting Ghosted

“Message Received”

Rapid Return

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